Major godmind
Worshippers: psions, enlightened monks, elan, psychic warriors, psionic fists
Nodes: Insight, Knowledge, Mind, Psionic, Soul
Alignment: NG
State of Consciousness: Dormant, entity
Favored Weapon: See text

One of the most powerful godminds currently known, Zean was not born, but instead formed from an immensely large metaconcert; she was originally the metaconcert entity created during the manifestation of the power. The sheer magnitude of energy unleashed during the metaconcert and the number of minds linked together gave birth to a consciousness self-aware and self-sustaining, a feminine consciousness who harnessed so much psionic energy that she was a godmind upon manifestation. With this power and due to the nature of her creation, Zean embodied the ideal of understanding and enlightenment. Initially, Zean was a dormant godmind, seeking enlightenment of a magnitude incomprehensible to mortals, yet still granting her exemplars access to those aspects of psionics she embodied.

Early in her time as a godmind, Zean’s worshippers were set upon by those who sought to keep knowledge in the hands of a chosen elite, using it as a way to control the populace. The followers of Zean, however, worked to spread this knowledge and gained the animosity of these tyrants. The irony of Zean’s past and the situation of her worshippers was not lost upon her, as she felt many of them fall to the steel weapons of their assailants. Severely weakened by the loss of most of her worshippers, Zean spent several decades active, seeking out new followers to protect her from possible threats in other godminds. The remaining worshippers that survived her church’s destruction began to discreetly expand their ranks until, after a century of searching, her church was once again of substantial size and the greater consciousness of Zean once again went dormant. Since that time, members of Zean’s followers prepare for the possibility of oppression and persecution and actively train in the combat arts.

One of the only godminds worshipped by traditional monks, Zean has gained a large following of psionic worshippers in the past few centuries, granting her more power than the other godminds. Along with monks, Zean counts among her worshippers a large following of psions, psychic warriors, and those who follow the path of both the psychic warrior and the monk: the psychic fists.

Doctrine: All worshippers of Zean are expected to respect the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. Purposefully stymieing this pursuit closes the mind to the path of enlightenment and the individual loses any class benefits associated with worship of Zean. Such actions include imposing one’s will over another creature through the use of compulsions or mind-affecting effects that result in the target believing something that they would normally not believe.

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