Web of Influence [Metapsionic]

Your powers are like spider, navigating the threads between minds and planting their effects in more targets than would otherwise be possible.

Prerequisite: Improved Power by Proxy, Power by Proxy

Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. It alters an appropriate power as Improved Power by Proxy, except that you may declare one additional target along the chain of mental bonds per two manifester levels. The feedback provided by this feat also grants you instant knowledge of the creatures in the mental chain (it is brief, much like glimpsing a flashcard, but enough to target the power), which supplants the need to know the identity of the final target.

The sheer number of targets may tax your attention. If a power provides information, requires your direction, or requires you to concentrate, you may only focus on one target during any given round (though you may switch between targets as an immediate action). Using this feat increases the power point cost the power by 8. The power's point cost cannot exceed your manifester level.

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