A psionic weapon with any special ability must be imbued with at least a +1 enhancement bonus.


A weapon enchanted with this property can graft with the wielder if the appropriate command word is spoken. Once grafted, the weapon is treated as if under the graft weapon power until the command word is said again.

Moderate psychometabolism; ML 10th; Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, graft weapon; Price +1 bonus.


A guided ranged weapon perceives the true location of its target and slightly modifies the flight path of its ammunition (or itself if a thrown weapon) accordingly, allowing the wielder to ignore any concealment except total concealment. This special ability may only be applied to ranged weapons.

Faint clairsentience; ML 7th; Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, true seeing, psionic; Price +1 bonus.


A psychodisruptive weapon is devastating to anyone with psionic talent. Used by those who hunt manifesters, any weapon with this ability found by one with psionic talent feels anathema. When used against an opponent with a power point reserve, this weapon, upon a successful attack, temporarily disrupts the opponent’s ability to use anything requiring a power point reserve. This includes denying the use of psionic feats or powers. This effect also disrupts creatures who utilize psi-like abilities. The creature may attempt a Will saving throw (DC 16) to ignore the effect.

Once affected, the disruption lasts for one minute. The affected creature’s items are unaffected. If using psionics-magic transparency, this effect prevents spellcasters from casting spells or expending prepared spells or spell slots on feats or abilities. It also prevents creatures from utilizing any spell-like abilities.

Strong metacreativity; ML 13th; Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, null psionics field; Price +2 bonus.

Specific Psionic Weapons

The following weapons are typically constructed with the exact abilities as listed here, although variations are possible.

Scimitars of the Hunters:

These +2 keen, psychodisruptive scimitars were crafted by the Kreh’len’shin for use in combat against opponents with psionic ability. Used to devastating effect, these scimitars are feared and are a favorite weapon among the more experienced in the organization.

Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, metaphysical weapon, null psionics field, keen edge, psionic; Price 50,350 gp, weight 4 lb.


This +3 guided mighty composite longbow of thundering was originally crafted for one of the original primal thoughts in a quest to eliminate those who would despoil the land.

Strong metacreativity; ML 15th; Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, metaphysical weapon, energy burst, true seeing, psionic; Price 50,750 gp, weight 3 lb.

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