Visceral Surge [Psionic]

Melee and ranged attacks against living targets that inflict critical damage shake your foe.

Prerequisite: BAB +2, Primordial Surge

Benefit: When you expend your psionic focus, you mentally impart an image of your foe’s demise in a particularly bloody, visceral manner directly into its mind on your successful attack.

You must declare you are using a Visceral Surge attack before making the attack roll (a missed attack ruins the attempt). Your foe, cowed by the vivid flash, freezes in fear instead of acting on its next action.On your foe’s following rounds of action, it must make a Will saving throw (DC = 5 + the damage you initially dealt) each round or be cowed for that round, too. After a successful save, the foe is no longer cowed.

Cowering characters lose their Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) and take no actions. You and your allies gain a +2 bonus on attacks against cowering characters.

You can use this feat in conjunction with weaponlike powers.

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