Moderate godmind
Worshippers: Maenads, wilders
Nodes: Passion, Psionic
Alignment: CN
State of Consciousness: Fluctuates, entity; see text
Favored Weapon: See text

Passionate feelings, especially when expressed by those with strong psionic ability, can give off a residual energy that can be felt by others after the experience has already passed. In situations where there is a sufficiently large group of psionic creatures experiencing incredibly passionate emotions: anger, hatred, pain, love, etc, that energy can coalesce into a single pocket of energy. History has shown, in the case of a genocidal masscre of the half-giants against the duergar, that such energy can become so immense as to take on a sentience of its own.

The entity that came to be known as Veran quickly became recognized by mortals for its decidedly capricious and explosive nature. Where other entities would be more subtle or logical, Veran would act in the most extreme manner possible in any given situation. Additionally, Veran would sometimes be incredibly active as a godmind, seeking out exemplars and devotees, only to then go dormant for no particular reason. Quickly gaining the following of wilders who embraced the more passionate side of their abilities, Veran accepted these devotees absolutely and responded with severe repercussions on those who acted contrary to its will.

While Veran is the godmind of passion, it does not actually seek out to attack those who use logic. Rather, it will cut off those adherents to its nature that resort to the use of logic, as these individuals are viewed as betrayers and Veran is anything but calm. When forced into combat, Veran often chooses to manifest a physical avatar and augment its physical form with endorphin surge rather than using an actual weapon.

Doctrine: Cooler heads prevail is anathema to the followers of Veran. The use of logic is something that worshippers of Veran are expected to avoid, instead trusting their instincts and their emotions. Frequent use of logic and reason instead of listening to ones’ instincts typically results in the loss of abilities granted from worship of Veran. The use of logic in a single instance is not likely to result in the worshipper losing access to these abilities, but relying upon logic regularly instead of listening to instincts can result in the loss of special abilities such as access to psionic nodes, as the individual’s mind shies away from embracing passion and emotions and instead turns to logic-minded thought processes.

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