Tyril Lureth

Tyril (CG female human nomad 5 / enlightened exemplar 5) tends to rub others the wrong way, despite her attempts to preach the ways of enlightenment. Possessing a hawk-like nose and long, curly black hair, Tyril’s brash personality tends to set off those she tries to teach. Despite this juxtaposition, she still manages to find those who seek to learn from her the path of enlightenment, several of the newer members enjoying her rough personality, embracing the sincere message she preaches, instead of the wordplay used by other faiths.

Tyril can be approached to provide obscure facts and has an uncanny knack for putting seemingly unconnected pieces of information together to find an underlying cause or issue. Tyril can serve as a contact for characters who are members of this organization. Members of the Enlightenment find she’s one category friendlier to them than she would normally be.

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