Training Squares

Especially prized by psionic orders who participate in combat for either self-protection or in offensive capacities, these locations, typically sparring grounds or archery fields, grant those within its bounds increased combat prowess. Training squares are visually indistinguishable from their surroundings, although within their bounds, psionic creatures hear a very faint buzzing sound. The sound is not enough to distract those who hear it, but enough that they are aware that there is something unusual about the location.

The combat abilities of those who practice within the confines of the training square are augmented. After spending an hour in practice, the participant gains a +2 morale bonus on all attack and damage rolls for one day. Treat this bonus as a power of 5th level for purposes such as dispel psionics. Training squares can be as small as a 20 foot by 20 foot square, or as large as a 100 foot by 100 foot area. These locations possess an aura of strong power. A Psicraft check (DC 20) reveals the effects of the training square when using detect psionics.

Kreh Battlegrounds:

The main house of training for those who join the Kreh’len’shin, this spartan facility allows those who practice combat within its grounds to work longer with fewer lasting effects from sparring. Those who practice within the battleground for a long enough period of time feel themselves invigorated with power during combat. The battlegrounds are actually three distinct areas devoted to different types of training. An archery range is available for those who practice ranged attacks in addition to sparring grounds for melee attack. The largest portion of the battlegrounds is the area reserved for mounted combat, granting riders room to maneuver without worry of their horses hitting spectators or structures.

Benefit: Sparring and practice within the battlegrounds of the Kreh’len’shin grants an individual different benefits based upon how long is spent within the grounds, in addition to the normal benefits of spending time within a training square, as described above. Those who spend at least four hours of uninterrupted practice within the ground are healed a number of hit points and ability damage as if they had rested a full night.

Practice within the training area for a week straight at eight hours per day grants the individual the ability to perform an incredible feat, adding 1d6 to a single d20 roll made within the next month. Spending a full month of time training in the battlegrounds hones the individual’s combat skills granting them a +1 competence bonus to a single weapon of their choice. This bonus lasts for one month, although the individual may return to the training grounds to keep their skills honed. If the individual trains within the training grounds for one full year, they retain their competence bonus with a single weapon permanently, although they must return to the battlegrounds every three months for a week of training or lose the bonus.

The Mindforge:

Nestled away a small mountain valley, an abandoned monastery resides. Who created this monastery has been lost in the passage of time, but it is still where those who wield the mind blade journey to learn to better hone their skills with the blade of psychic energy. Despite being in ruins, the impressive stone building still offers enough protection from the elements for a dozen individuals to comfortably reside, although it is obvious the monastery was intended for far more inhabitants.

Although the monastery is typically empty, the lore of those who created it was etched into the very building itself, allowing visitors to unlock new secrets and techniques even if they are alone in the monastery. The lore found in the carvings has worn away over the years, but travelers with access to clairsentient abilities or powers such as object reading are able to determine the information contained within the teachings.

Many visitors have attempted to repair the monastery and make it their abode using methods both mundane and psionic, all to no avail. The structure reverts to its dilapidated state within one day of any repairs made. Whether this is the power imbued by the makers of the monastery failing or some defense mechanism that is behaving incorrectly is unknown, but the structure cannot be repaired by any means that have been attempted.

Traveling to and from the monastery is no easy feat. Unknown wards prohibit travel by the use of psychoportative means such as teleport. Only by climbing up the mountain can the monastery be reached. Attempts to use other forms of travel such as teleport or dimension door result in the individual or individuals appearing at a random location equidistant from the monastery relative to their starting point.

Benefit: Those who journey to the Mindforge and spend their time learning from the teachings carved therein gain extraordinary abilities for a limited amount of time. After spending one full week of time studying the carvings of the Mindforge, a character gains a bonus 2d8 points of damage to their psychic strike ability.

If the character studying does not have the psychic strike ability, the character can expend psionic focus to gain 2d6 bonus damage on their attacks with a mind blade. Should the student not have the ability to manifest a mind blade, the character gains a +2 bonus to knowledge (psionics) checks. These benefits last for one week, after which time the character may return to the Mindforge to renew their studies of the knowledge contained within.

Valley of the Spear:

Built by half-giants displaced by an influx of goblinoids, this seemingly naturally-formed valley was actually carved between two mountains by the half-giants, giving them a safe haven to rest and prepare for their attackers. Within the valley are both structures to live and more defensive structures, allowing those within the valley to take respite from constant attacks and enjoy lulls in battle.

The formation of the rocks within the valley looks to be random at first glance, yet if studied for a brief time it is easy to see that the formations are, in fact, protective stations fashioned to make it difficult for invaders to get to the defenders. In the middle of the valley is what appears to be a group of naturally-forming rock structures, including concave depressions into the side of large boulders, some deep enough to allow an entire family of half-giants to comfortably rest. These structures and nooks grant protection from the elements, allowing those in the valley refuge in storms or from aerial attacks.

Benefit: If a force of at least fifty individuals enters this valley and has someone capable of determining the defensive nature of the formations (DC 15 Wisdom check), the force can defend the valley much more effectively than normal. All members of the group who heed the advice of whoever discerned the nature of the valley gains concealment by tactically using the formations of stone.

Further, defenders who are caught within the valley make all attack rolls with a +1 insight bonus and gain a +1 insight bonus to their Armor Class, as the nature of the valley lends them aid in their defense.

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