Thorn Growth

Nature [Plant]
Difficulty Class: 11
Channeling Time: 1 standard action
Range: 30 ft.
Area: One 5-ft. square
Duration: 1 minute/level
Saving Throw: None

You concentrate on a patch of plants. The vines, branches, and even the blades of grass grow thick, sharp thorns. As your enemies walk through the plants,they are cut by the thorns.

The plants in the area of this incantation grow thorns. Any creature moving through the area takes 1d4 points of damage.

They must also avoid stepping on the thorns. The thorns effectively make a touch attack against any creature that moves through the area with an attack bonus equal to your channeling ability modifier. If the attack succeeds, the creature’s speed decreases by 10 ft. (or one-half, whichever is lesser). This speed penalty lasts for 24 hours or until the injured creature receives a cure spell (which also restores lost hit points). Another character can remove the penalty by taking 10 minutes to dress the injuries and succeeding on a Heal check against the incantation’s save DC.

The area must have plants in order to successfully channel this incantation.

Enhance: You can enhance this incantation in one or both of the following ways.

For every 2 points by which you increase the DC, any creature moving through the area takes an additional 1d4 points of damage.

If you increase the DC by 4, the area does not have to have plants in order to successfully channel this incantation.

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