The Night Terrors

Created by a powerful thrallherd, the Night Terrors work to foster fear in society, using that dread to control the populace, in turn giving their leader, Larick, more power. In addition to the powers of the telepaths and thrallherds in the organization, there are also spirituels of Hourth who use their godmind’s power over compulsion effects to further their group’s cause.

Base of Operations: To avoid detection and their enemies, the Night Terrors use a series of fake storefronts, warehouses, and abandoned buildings as gathering sites.

Alignment: NE

Size: Several dozen direct members with a few score of informants.

Members: The Night Terrors tends to gain members who focus their studies on the telepathy powers, using their influence over the mind to get what they want. However, this is not a mandate and a few members are wilders, seers, or other psions.

Symbol: The symbol of the Night Terrors is a screaming skull on a field of midnight blue.

Motto: “Fear us or follow us, the choice is yours.”

Description: By tapping into the minds of those around them, the Night Terrors quickly learned the darkest fears of any who stood in their way or possessed what they desired. By using this knowledge, they then created the living embodiments of fear, experimenting with many different subjects. One such group created was the race of ardoroch, who the Night Terrors used as guardians.

After decades of abuse, many of the ardoroch realized they were stronger than most of their masters and revolted, leaving the Night Terrors and searching for their own way in the world. Due to their original tie to Hourth and the slavery the group was effectively in for the beginning of their existence, most of the group instead worships Cynfire, giving him credit for their ability to put forth sonic energy bursts.

The members that direct the affairs of the Night Terrors are all thralls or believers in Larick’s thrallherd. Led by Pridren, Larick’s thrall, the organization works to foster fear by using powers of telepathy and psychological tactics to coerce members of society to do what the group desires.

Joining: Membership to the Night Terrors is extremely exclusive and by invitation only. The organization has worked diligently to keep its identity secret and those who turn down the invitation to join are either silenced or have the
memory erased.

Duties: The singular goal of the Night Terrors is control over the populace. Members of the organization are expected to work toward that goal, consolidating any power and eliminating any threats.

Benefits: The largest benefit of being a member of the Night Terrors is one does not have to fear being attacked by the organization. Enemies or rivals of the group are frequently targeted as potential threats and are more likely to have their minds subverted.

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