The Nameless Fear

At times, a dreaming psionic creature experiences nightmares, like any other creature. What is unique about these, though, is the risk they carry to others. If a psionic creature is jarred from their sleep in cold sweat by overwhelming fear, the residual psychic energy on the region of dreams develops an existence of its own – and the nameless fear is made.

These nameless are primal psychic forces, more instinctual than intelligent, and do not truly live so much as exist. They exist for no longer than 1 week without sustenance. Being creatures of dream, they have an unusual source of sustenance – the psychic energy of dreamers. Fear and terror are spices that the nameless crave, and are their weapons of choice against dreamers. Existing in a dream state, their physical existence is highly morphic – after consuming the minds of their victims, a nameless transforms to mimic its prey, growing more cunning with every passing transformation.

The nameless hunger for form, knowledge, and power. They consume these entirely. No dreamer is safe. They cannot even be truly killed except in the region of dreams itself. Mercifully, they are rare, and nameless are not organized or even truly intelligent (stolen intelligence is awkward to use, and it takes time for a nameless to grow used to sentient thoughts conflicting with survival instincts).

Nameless exist in several states, although every one began its existence as a larva. Nameless advance unusually; see the individual entries below for more details.

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