The Mindwatch

Ever watchful for threats against those who wield psionic power, the Mindwatch have spent decades seeking out and eliminating enemies. Unlike the Enlightenment, the members of the Mindwatch have no qualms with manipulating the thoughts and emotions of others, if the result is the safety of its members. The ends justify the means to the members of the Mindwatch.

Base of Operations: The Mindwatch are a secretive group, and as such, their bases of operations tend to be hidden behind fronts of businesses or homes. The primary meeting place for the Mindwatch is rumored to be the
home of a high-ranking official.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Size: Over a score core members, with several dozen agents and more associate members.

Members: Core members of the Mindwatch are typically telepaths and seers, although some spellcasters are also thought to be members.

Motto: “Guard thy thoughts.”

Description: Originally founded when the populace started a widespread persecution of manifesters, the Mindwatch was a splinter group of the Enlightenment and acted as a safe house for manifesters seeking to avoid detection. By synergizing their telepathic and clairsentient abilities, the members learned to hide their psionic abilities and identities from would-be persecutors. Over the years, as the persecution subsided, the group continued to grow, looking to turn the powers they had developed to protect themselves into a means to ensure such an act of persecution did not return. Since the splinter group formed, many have forgotten it was even originally a part of the Enlightenment, except for a few of the oldest elan members of each organization.

Joining: As the Mindwatch strives to maintain its anonymity, joining is all but impossible unless approached by a current member. Higher level telepaths and seers are more likely to get approached by current members as possible inductees, although the organization is not actively seeking to expand their numbers. Any capable adventuring parties with a predisposition towards the group’s mentality may be approached for occasional tasks, even if they lack psionic ability of their own.

Duties: It is the duty of the members of the Mindwatch to ferret out those who would unjustly persecute manifesters. If diplomacy cannot win the fight with the possible persecutor, they have been known to permanently silence those who would oppress the wielders of psionic power. Individual members or groups thereof may also be assigned their own operations, the natures of which vary greatly.

Benefits: Members of the Mindwatch are aware of possible persecution before a mob can form to cause trouble. Due to their ability to read and manipulate others’ minds, they also tend to be in positions of political power, shaping the society around them. New members can expect that, should they need someone’s mind changed for a legitimate reason to the organization, a higher level member will assist in that endeavor. Junior members seeking this aid on a regular basis may have their status as a member of the Mindwatch put under review, as the organization needs those who can work independently, not those who require assistance for the majority of their tasks.

Additionally, adventurers can retreat to larger Mindwatch safehouses for training in the psionic arts – if a psionic class improves mind control, deception, information gathering, or stealth, the Mindwatch can probably train you in it. Sighted seekers (see Chapter 4: Prestige Classes) fit the description on practically every front, and are common in the Mindwatch.

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