The Kreh’len’shin

The Kreh’len’shin are an almost fanatic cult, dedicated not only to the enlightenment of the body through the mind, but also to the ideals of natural selection. Thus they test themselves constantly against each other and others, even to the point of death - seeing their own demise not only as honorable but also strengthening for the world at large. They have no fear of death, which makes them warriors without equals in most battles, but their eagerness to prove themselves lead them into the fray of battle and war more often than necessary.

An organization composed primarily of maenad and human psychic warriors, the Kreh’len’shin are a group who spend much of their time in meditation and training, honing their combat prowess in preparation for battle. To the Kreh’len’shin, death in battle is an honor that each member embraces, making them fearless warriors that strike terror in their enemies. The belief of the Kreh’len’shin warrior is that honorable death in battle is rewarded by a stronger physical form in the next life.

Base of Operations: The Kreh’len’shin operate out of a small fortress which they call simply Kreh Battlegrounds. Built for function more than for form, the battlegrounds are designed solely to hone the skills of the members of the group. At any time, more than half of the active members of the Kreh’len’shin are at the battlegrounds.

Alignment: Lawful neutral

Size: Several dozen members, six elders, and over a hundred agents.

Members: Kreh’len’shin members are predominantly psychic warriors and soulknives, although some egoists are drawn to their ways.

Symbol: The symbol of the Kreh’len’shin is the third eye on a closed fist.

Motto: “Death before dishonor.”

Description: Steadfast devotees of both Aur’eskin and Kraegan, the Kreh’len’shin can trace their organization back centuries, to when the first psychic warriors of their sect banded together to advance their martial training. As the individual psychic warriors met more frequently to hone their skills with like-minded others, they eventually realized that it would be beneficial to have a centralized facility for training, where they could not only learn and teach, but live.

As time progressed, the group embraced the honor of combat and a soldier’s death more than the study of the mind. While they still delve into the secrets of the mind, it is only to find ways to augment their combat prowess, and not to simply expand their knowledge. As this trend continued, the members of the Kreh’len’shin became more eager for battle, often intentionally starting fights to test their own ability. If they died in the fight, they viewed it as natural selection, while if they won, it was due to their superior ability.

A member, however, will not actively seek out weaker opponents to bully. Instead, they will seek out those they view as equals or betters, testing their physical and mental prowess to better their own ability.

Joining: Joining the Kreh’len’shin is a difficult process for even the most able of individuals. The steps involved include facing a deadly creature in a fight to the death, fasting for one week, or other equally difficult and possibly deadly steps. It is not unusual for those seeking to join the Kreh’len’shin to fail in their attempt to join. Such failures, and the death typical of such failures, are seen by the organization as natural selection weeding out the weak.

Duties: It is the sworn duty of all members of the Kreh’len’shin to always fight to their utmost ability and bring no shame to the organization. Any member found to have quit a fight or to have lost a fight and not died loses status in the organization. If a single member loses too much status, they may be branded by the organization as “hunted.” Any member of the Kreh’len’shin who gain this title are treated as inferior and needing to be culled from society. Members of the organization then seek to slay the hunted former member. Should the hunted individual slay one of his pursuers, his loss of honor is rescinded, as he has proven himself fit for survival and he is re-accepted into the organization. Should the individual be killed, it is viewed as nature taking its course, with the Kreh’len’shin members being nature’s agents.

Benefits: Those who are inducted into the fold of the Kreh’len’shin can count on their brothers and sisters for aid in a battle where honor can be gained. Only battles that carry the risk of death will gain the aid of a fellow member.

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