The Enlightened Monk

Below you will find the cost make-up for the Enlightened Monk, the featured class of The Mind Unveiled: Enlightened Monk. Many of the abilities come from the Monk class (SRD) and are noted. However, there are several interesting and intriguing alterations to the class that make the monk fun.

[b]Enlightened Monk[/b]
AC Bonus – WIS |Price as 1st level Constant |Monk |SRD
Monk's AC +1 (to +4) |Price as 1st level Progression Variable |Monk |SRD
Unarmed Damage Bonus |Price as 1st level Progression Variable |Monk |SRD
Flurry of Blows -2 (to -0/greater) |Price as 1st level Progression Variable |Monk |SRD
Unarmored Speed 0 ft (to 60 ft) |Price as 1st level Progression Variable |Monk |SRD
Ki Psionics |Price as 1st level Level Variable |Enlightened Monk |TMU: Enlightened Monk
Ki Style* |Price as 1st level Level/Progression Variable |Enlightened Monk |TMU: Enlightened Monk
Evasion |Price as 2nd level Constant |Rogue |SRD
Still Mind |Price as 3rd level Constant |Monk |SRD
Ki Strike |Price as 4th level Progression Variable |Monk |SRD
Cat Fall |Price as 4th level Progression Variable |Enlightened Monk |TMU: Enlightened Monk
Purity of Body |Price as 3rd level Constant |Paladin |SRD
Wholeness of Body |Price as 7th level Level Variable |Monk |SRD
Improved Evasion |Price as 9th level Constant |Monk |SRD
Diamond Body |Price as 9th level Constant |Druid |SRD
Abundant Step |Price as 8th level Level and Use Variable |Elocater |SRD
Diamond Soul |Price as 13th level Level Variable |Monk |SRD
Quivering Palm |Price as 15th level Level Variable |Monk |SRD
Timeless Body |Price as 15th level Constant |Druid |SRD
Tongue of the Sun and Moon |Price as 9th level Constant |Enlightened Spirit |Complete Mage
Empty Body |Price as 19th level Level Variable |Monk |SRD
Perfect Self |Price as 20th level Constant |Monk |SRD[/Code]
*Ki Style pricing only counts for Lesser and Greater art. As with all Complete Control adjusted classes, abilities that grant bonus feats are discarded. Thus, there are only two progressions for this ability. The first one (30 XP) grants Lesser Art. The second one (60 XP) grants Greater Art. The ability level pricing is necessary for the Greater Art component of this ability. This pricing corrects the pricing listed in Complete Control.

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