The Book Of Nine Swords

Before getting to the pricing guidelines for the individual classes contained within the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords, there is a mechanical upgrade that needs to be given in order to make the mechanics of the book work within Complete Control. In some respects these rules (and the progressions within them) will appear familiar. That is because mathematics is universal and the game is based on certain fundamental principles. However, these rules should be considered separate and for Martial Adept classes only. They should not be confused with the mechanics given in Complete Control for class ability pricing. Having said that, here are the additional rules needed:

[ol][li]Any character can buy Martial Adept levels. When doing so, they must specify which Adept class their levels will mimic for game-mechanics purposes. [Examples: Crusader Ability, Swordsage Ability, and Warblade Ability levels] A character buy more than one martial adept ability, but each class is considered separate in terms of mechanics. These levels are purchased as a Level-Variable according to the rules outlined in Complete Control. The ability level purchased is also equal to the initiator level.[/li]
[li]Maneuvers are purchased for individual Martial Adept abilities using the following progression: (# of maneuver)*(90 XP). Therefore, a Swordsage's first Swordsage maneuver would cost 90 XP. A character's second Swordsage maneuver would cost 180 XP.[/li]
[li]Characters with more than one progression use separate progressions for each ability. Thus, a character with the above two Swordsage maneuvers and who also has levels in Warblade Ability would be able to buy a Warblade maneuver. This maneuver would cost 90 XP. A second Warblade maneuver would cost 180 XP. This principle also applies to purchasing stances of different Martial Adept abilities.[/li]
[li]Stances cost double what maneuvers do. Thus, a character's first stance costs 180 XP. A character's second stance costs 360 XP. [/li]
[li]Maneuvers and stances can only be purchased if the character has bought enough levels in an ability to qualify for them.[/li]
[li]At the specified character and/or ability (class) levels, maneuvers may be swapped out as in a standard game. Thus, a class that allows a character to swap out one maneuver for another at fifth level would be allowed to do the same thing once the player purchased the 5th ability level for that class. [/li][/ol]

With those rules in place, the Book of Nine Swords can be converted to Complete Control fairly easily. The following charts give the breakdowns of the various abilities contained within the book:

Crusader Ability |Price as 1st level Level-Variable |Crusader |Bo9S
Steely Resolve |Price as 1st level Progression Variable |Crusader |Bo9S
Furious Counterstrike |Price as 1st level Constant |Crusader |Bo9S
Indomitable Soul |Price as 2nd level Constant |Crusader |Bo9S
Zealous Surge |Price as 3rd level Constant |Crusader |Bo9S
Smite |Price as 1st level Level-Variable |Paladin |SRD
Mettle |Price as 3rd level Constant |Hexblade |Complete Warrior[/Code]

Swordsage Ability |Price as 1st level Level-Variable |Swordsage |Bo9S
Quick to Act |Price as 1st level Progression-Variable |Swordsage |Bo9S
Discipline Focus* |Price as 1st Level Progression Variable |Swordsage |Bo9S
Swordsage AC |Price as 2nd level Constant |Swordsage |Bo9S
Sense Magic |Price as 10th level Level-Variable |Swordsage |Bo9S
Evasion |Price as 2nd level Constant |Rogue |Bo9S
Improved Evasion |Price as 9th level Constant |Monk |Bo9S
Dual Boost |Price as 20th level Use-Variable |Swordsage |Bo9S[/Code]
*The first progression of Discipline Focus is essentially the same as granting a feat and thus should be discarded from the game. However, the ability should continue to be priced as a 1st level progression ability. Thus, the pricing should be as follows: Access to Discipline Focus is 180 XP, Discipline Focus(insightful strike) should be 180 XP as a 2nd progression, Discipline Focus(defensive stance) should be 270 XP as the 3rd progression, Discipline Focus(insightful strike 2nd discipline) should be 360 XP as the 4th progression, and Discipline Focus(defensive stance 2nd discipline) should be 450 XP as the 5th progression. Essentially, the ability is treated as though the first progress (90 XP) is simply skipped in the purchases.

Warblade Ability |Price as 1st level Level-Variable |Warblade |Bo9S
Battle Clarity |Price as 1st level Constant |Warblade |Bo9S
Fighter Feat Access |Price as 1st level Level-Variable |Fighter |SRD
Uncanny Dodge |Price as 2nd level Constant |Barbarian |SRD
Battle Ardor |Price as 3rd level Constant |Warblade |Bo9S
Battle Cunning |Price as 7th level Constant |Warblade |Bo9S
Battle Skill |Price as 11th level Constant |Warblade |Bo9S
Battle Mastery |15th level Constant |Warblade |Bo9S
Imp Uncanny Dodge |Price as 5th level Constant |Barbarian |SRD
Stance Mastery |Price as 20th level Constant |Warblade |Bo9S [/Code]

[b]Bloodclaw Master[/b]
Shifting |Price as a 7th level Level Variable and Progression Variable |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Claws of the Beast |Price as 7th level Constant Variable |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Superior Two Weapon Fighting |Price as 8th level Constant |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Tiger Claw Synergy |Price as 8th level Progression Variable |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Pouncing Strike |Price as 9th level Constant |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Lowlight Vision |Price as 9th level Constant |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Rending Claws |Price as 11th level Constant |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S
Scent |Price as 11th level Constant |Bloodclaw Master |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Bloodstorm Blade[/b]
Returning Attacks |Price as 6th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Weapon Aptitude |Price as 6th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Martial Throw |Price as 7th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Thunderous Throw |Price as 7th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Lightning Ricochet |Price as 9th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Blood Wind Ricochet |Price as 10th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Eye of the Storm |Price as 12th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Blood Rain |Price as 13th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S
Blade Storm |Price as 15th level Constant |Bloodstorm Blade |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Deepstone Sentinel[/b]
Mountain Fortress Stance |Price as 11th level Constant |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S
Passwall |Price as 11th level Level and Use Variable |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S
Crashing Mountain Juggernaut |Price as 12th level Constant |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S
Indomitable Redoubt |Price as 13th level Constant |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S
Stone Curse |Price as 14th level Constant |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S
Dragon’s Tooth |Price as 14th level Constant |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S
Awaken the Stone Dragon |Price as 15th level Constant |Deepstone Sentinel |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Eternal Blade[/b]
Blade Guide |Price as 11th level Constant |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Eternal Training |Price as 11th level Use Variable |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Guided Strike |Pricing as 12th level Constant |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Armored Uncanny Dodge |Price as 13th level Constant |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Eternal Knowledge |Price as 14th level Level and Progression Variable |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Defensive Insight |Price as 16th level Constant |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Tactical Insight |Price as 18th level Constant |Eternal Blade |Bo9S
Island in Time |Price as 20th level Constant |Eternal Blade |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Jade Phoenix Mage[/b]
[Code]Arcane Wrath |Price as 7th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Rite of Waking |Price as 7th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Mystic Phoenix Stance |Price as 8th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Empowering Strike |Price as 10th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Firebird Stance |Price as 12th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Jade Phoenix Master |Price as 12th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Quickening Strike |Price as 14th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S
Emerald Immolation |Price as 16th level Constant |Jade Phoenix Mage |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Master of Nine[/b]
[Code]Dual Stance |Price as 9th level Level Variable |Master of Nine |Bo9S
Perfect Form |Price as 10th level Constant |Master of Nine |Bo9S
Counter Stance |Price as 11th level Constant |Master of Nine |Bo9S
Mastery of Nine |Price as 12th level Constant |Master of Nine |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Ruby Knight Vindicator[/b]
[Code]Divine Recovery |Price as 7th level Constant |Ruby Knight Vindicator |Bo9S
Armored Stealth |Price as 10th level Constant |Ruby Knight Vindicator |Bo9S
Divine Impetus |Price as 12th level Constant |Ruby Knight Vindicator |Bo9S
Divine Fury |Price as 14th level Constant |Ruby Knight Vindicator |Bo9S[/Code]

[b]Shadow Sun Ninja[/b]
[Code]Touch of the Shadow Sun |Price as 6th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S
Flame of the Shadow Sun |Price as 7th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S
Light within Darkness |Price as 9th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S
Darkness within Light |Price as 10th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S
Void of the Shadow Sun |Price as 12th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S
Child of Shadow and Light |Price as 13th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S
Balance of Light and Dark |Price as 15th level Constant |Shadow Sun Ninja |Bo9S[/Code]

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