Surging Incantation [Metachanneling]

You can channel an incantations that normally would be too difficult to cast, but at a greater risk of failing.

Prerequisite: Channeler level 10th.

Benefit: You can channel a surging incantation. An incantation channeled by this feat does not have a maximum DC (but see below), meaning that you can enhance it and apply metachanneling feats, regardless of your maximum DC. This feat does not, however, allow you to learn incantations that exceed your normal maximum DC.

Using this feat increases the DC by 2 for every point by which the DC exceeds your maximum DC. For example, if you channel a surging incantation that causes the DC to exceed your maximum channeling DC by 4, the DC increases by 8 instead for the purpose of channeling the incantation. This increase only affects your channeling check; any other factors that depend on the channeling DC are unaffected.

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