The Shapechanging subdiscipline signifies powers of the psychometabolism discipline that alter the shape and nature of the body.

Retroactive Additions: The following powers are considered members of the Shapechanging subdiscipline: alloyed hide HC, animal affinity, biofeedback, bite of the wolf, chameleon, claws of the beast, compression, construct toughnessHC, ectoplasmic form, expansion, form of doom, oak body, psychofeedback, shadow body, thicken skin, unleash idbeastHC. All other powers of the Shapechanging subdiscipline are new.

Retroactive Removals: The following powers from the Expanded Psionics Handbook are not intended for use with the Shapechanging and Formbound rules: metamorphosis and greater metamorphosis. If you previously knew either of these powers and have adopted these rules, speak with your GM about replacing them with assume form and related powers. If your character focused on shapechanging as a critical part of their design, you may need to rebuild your character from level 1 with levels in the anyform savant prestige class.

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