Subconscious Containment [Psionic]

You have honed your subconscious mind to the point where you can use it to hold another psionic focus.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13+, Psionic Body, Concentration 6 ranks

Benefit: You can spend a full-round action attempting to psionically focus your subconscious. At any time when you need to expend your psionic focus, you can expend your subconscious' psionic focus instead, and feats that require you to maintain focus function if only your subconscious is focused; essentially, your subconscious psionic focus works just like your normal psionic focus. Psionically focusing your subconscious works just like focusing your mind as well, except that the Concentration DC to regain it is 25 instead of 20.

Special: This feat is psychophilosophically incompatible with the Psicrystal Containment feat; if you possess one of these feats, you can never take the other.

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