Spirit Of The Faithful [Mantra, Psionic]

Your devotion to your godmind reinforces your mental ability.

Prerequisites: Wis 15, Knowledge (psionics) 9 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 9 ranks, access to a psionic node.

Benefit: To activate Spirit of the Faithful, you must meditate to gain psionic focus. Focusing in this fashion requires a Concentration check 5 higher than normal. Once activated, this mantra lasts for 1 minute as long as you maintain psionic focus. While active, your powers from your godmind’s psionic nodes are treated as if your manifester level was two higher for purposes such as duration, range, and bypassing power resistance. This does not allow you to spend additional power points in augmentation. You may expend your psionic focus during this mantra to augment the power as if your manifester level was two higher. You must still pay the increased manifestation cost.

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