Spirit of the Attuned [Psionic, Mantra]

You are naturally predisposed to handling energy.

Prerequisites: Manifest level 5, Concentration 5 ranks, ability to manifest an energy power.

Benefit: To activate Spirit of the Attuned, you must meditate to gain psionic focus. Focusing in this fashion requires a Concentration check 5 higher than normal. Once activated, this mantra lasts until you lose your psionic focus. Select one of the four energy types: cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. You are attuned to this energy type while Spirit of the Attuned remains active, gaining a +4 bonus to saving throws against effects of this energy type. During this mantra, you may expend your psionic focus as an immediate action to gain energy resistance equal to your character level against one attack of your attuned energy type.

Special: While you have an attuned energy, you lose the ability to manifest powers of the opposing energy type: cold opposes fire, electricity opposes sonic.

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