Soul Buffer [Psionic]

Your link to members of your network is so strong that you can sacrifice your own vitality to restore life to the body, preventing their souls from passing on.

Prerequisites: Worldthought network, network sense, Psicraft 12 ranks, able to manifest psionic revivify

Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. You may manifest psionic revivify on a member of your network as an immediate action as soon as they die. The range of your network replaces the range of psionic revivify if used this way. In addition to the normal effect of the power, the target's connection to your network is preserved.

When you use this feat, you do not pay the 200 XP cost of the power, though the normal power point cost still applies. You also take 2 points of Constitution burn from the channeling of your life-force into their body. Ability burn is ability damage that cannot be magically or psionically healed.

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