Sites Of Meditation

When beings of psionic might meditate in large enough gatherings or in smaller groups for longer periods of time, the power they radiate can infuse the very site used for meditation. These sites tend to show as faintly glowing crystals or bodies of water, in plants with unusually colored foliage, or caverns that give the feeling of another presence.

Contemplation Glades:

Sometimes called awareness circles, these serene places are created when the more aesthetic of those with psionic potential gather for meditation, although they are not always located in forested glens. The time spent learning more about the self instead of to hone ways to fight, kill, heal, or enhance, time spent in the simple pursuit of selfknowledge grants these places an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity. These glades are nearly indistinguishable from their surroundings, although any plants inside the glade tend to grow lusher than their average counterparts and any bodies of water tend to sparkle more than normal.

Created as a result of intense self-discovery, contemplation glades are fragile creations and can be destroyed if violence is taken within the circle of the glade. The level of violence determines the result of the effect on the glade. Any form of bloodshed or loss of life immediately disperses the power bound into the contemplation glade, negating its effects. Heated arguments or physical altercations that do not draw blood or cause lethal damage temporarily negate the power of the contemplation glade for 24 hours.

While within the bounds of a contemplation glade, psionic non-mindless creatures gain a +2 morale bonus to Autohypnosis, Concentration, Knowledge, and Psicraft checks. The calming effect of the contemplation glade allows those within to better focus on these skills. In addition, any item creation performed within a contemplation glade is completed in 25% less time than normal, although 8 hours must still be spent per day and the crafter must still have access to the appropriate supplies. This change does not affect the material or xp cost of crafting the item.

Contemplation glades vary in size depending on the site that was used for meditation. The exact size of the effect from the contemplation glade is typically no smaller than a 30 foot radius, but no larger than a 100 foot radius. These glades detect as psionic power of medium strength. A successful Psicraft check (DC 18) reveals the effects of the glade on the third round of examination with detect psionics.

Introspective Summit:

The eddies of rising hot air whip around this landing on the side of the mountain, yet do not seem to actually touch those who step onto the summit. The mountain xephs would travel to this site for a yearly pilgrimage to Kraegan, meditating briefly on his teachings. Through the course of years and the generations of xephs who came to this site, the summit began to protect the visiting xephs, their own psionic power and the blessing of Kraegan imbuing the site with latent psionic power. Not a race to set permanent fixtures, the summit is rather plain to behold, although nearly constant traffic has worn down the pathway up the mountain, making the travel to the summit easier.

The summit itself is roughly a 50 foot radius circle, although the edges are not perfectly rounded. Psionic travelers, those individuals with the psionic subtype, who reach the summit immediately feel a sense of the power contained in the summit. If they do not already know the nature of the summit, they make attempt a Psicraft check (DC 20) to determine the nature of the summit.

Benefit: Pilgrims who visit Introspective Summit and meditate for two hours uninterrupted find they are more nimble on their journeys, granting them a circumstance bonus to their speed of 5 feet in addition to the normal bonuses conferred by a contemplation glade. This bonus lasts until the affected creature stops to rest or after 8 hours, whichever occurs first.

Temple of Still Water:

This unassuming building was created by a small order of psions and psychic warriors as a spot to meditate and hone psionic potential. The temple grew to house the entire Order of Still Water and the pilgrims who came to study at the temple. Built mostly of sturdy oak with a few stone walls, the temple is not a beautiful building. Neither is it built for defense, although after the course of time, the Order of Still Water learned that such measures would need to be taken, installing minor defensive posts including arrow-slits to fire projectiles and a wrought iron
gate. The glass windows have shutters that can be closed and latched quickly, making it more difficult to breach the temple in times of need.

Beyond these meager defenses, the temple is for all intents and purposes a building to travel to and learn for the sake of learning. Any who come to the temple in search of enlightenment and understanding are welcomed, although their intentions are probed by the inhabitants due to previous attacks.

Benefit: All who come to the Temple of Still Water with no ulterior motive and then meditate for one week gain a +4 insight bonus to Wisdom and Intelligence as they gain clarity of thought and understanding. This bonus lasts for one month so long as the creature does not engage in aggressive activity: provoking fights, attacking another unprovoked, and the like. Resorting to such unenlightened tactics clouds the judgment and negates the benefit from meditation at the temple.

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