Shuriken Mind Blade [Psionic]

You may fragment your thrown mind blades into a swarm of shuriken-like projectiles.

Prerequisites: Free Draw and Shape Mind Blade class features

Benefit: When throwing your ind blade, you may choose to fragment your blade into shuriken-shaped projectiles as a free action. Each projectile is treated exactly like a shuriken, dealing 1d2 points of damage for a medium soulknife with a 10 ft. range increment. your mind blade fragments into enough shuriken to make multiple attacks per round (up to your maximum number of attacks). Your mind blade automatically reverts to its normal form at the end of your turn, although you may revert it earlier as a free action.

Special: If you possess the Multiple Throw class feature, your mind blade shuriken have a range increment of 50 ft. instead of 10 ft.

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