Shield Of Thought [Mind Blade, Psionic]

Prerequisites: Form Mind Blade, Concentration 6 ranks.

Benefit: You are able to form your psionic energy into a physical shield. Just like forming a mind blade, you can create a semisolid shield composed of psychic energy distilled from your own mind. The shield is identical in all ways (except visually) to a light shield (+1 shield bonus to AC, -1 Armor Check penalty) of a size appropriate for you. The shield can be sundered (it has hardness 10 and 10 hit points). The moment you relinquish your grip on the thoughtshield, it dissipates. The shield has the same enhancement bonus as your normal mind blade and special abilities chosen from the thoughtshield special abilities list, unless you materialize both the shield and blade simultaneously, in which case the enhancement bonus on each is reduced by 1. You can, as a free action at the beginning of your turn, choose whether the enhancement bonus applies to attack or defense. Any enhancement spent on special abilities can instead be chosen from the Shield of Thought Special Abilities list, but once chosen it takes 8 hours of meditation to choose new abilities. You can use feats such as Shield Bash or Improved Shield Bash in conjunction with the thoughtshield just as if it was a normal shield. Your thoughtshield counts as a mind blade for the purpose of feats like Weapon Focus (mind blade). Powers or spells that upgrade shields and armor can be used on a thoughtshield. In an area where psionic effects are suppressed, your thoughtshield is treated exactly like your mind blade.

Special: If you have the Shape Mind Blade feat, you can shape your thoughtshield into a heavy shield with the same kind of action needed to reshape your mind blade.

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