Sequester Power [Psionic]

You get additional power points per day for every power you sequester.

Prerequisite: Psionic Talent, manifester level 3+

Benefit: After each day’s period of rest and concentration required to recharge your power points, you can also choose to sequester one or more powers you know. When you sequester a power, you lose the use of it for the day.
At the same time, you gain a bonus to your power point total for the day equal to the power point cost of the power(s) you sequestered. Sequestered powers automatically return at the beginning of the following day, at which time you can choose to sequester the same, different, or no powers.

You cannot choose to sequester a power if it is the only power of your discipline that you know for a given level.

You cannot choose to sequester so many powers that your new power point total would exceed your normal power point total by more than 50 percent.

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