Moderate godmind
Worshippers: telepaths, blues
Nodes: Fear, Mind, Psionic, Secret
Alignment: LN
State of Consciousness: Dormant, persistent worldthought network
Favored Weapon: Mind thrust

Eons ago, a race of psionic beings named the saurok, persecuted to near extinction, banded together and manifested genesis, creating a new plane of existence on which to live and rebuild their numbers. This race of beings had tremendous telepathic ability and in this new plane, they used telepathic modes of communication in every way instead of speech or letter. This plane was then infused with psionic power to facilitate this telepathic communication, enhancing their communication abilities and allowing even those saurok with limited psionic potential the ability to communicate with their fellows across vast distances.

Over a matter of decades, this vast network brought together via telepathy became problematic; more than just messages were being sent across individuals. Emotions, dreams, nightmares, even unconscious thoughts were being shared across the race, creating confusion and discord. As time progressed, this condition worsened until many sauroks lost their hold on reality and went insane. With the psionic power much of the race had, this led to catastrophic destruction in this pocket plane, and eventually led to nearly the utter ruination of the saurok race.

However, the plane itself had absorbed so much psionic energy over time that it had begun to understand the messages it was sending, learning about psionics, the nature of beings, and developing into an extremely powerful, sentient being. As the saurok race nearly self-destructed from their creation, the plane itself exerted a form of mental control over the creatures, calming their mind using the telepathic projects it had learned from the saurok, forcing the creatures back to sanity, although it also exerted a subtle form of control over the race, not understanding that the saurok had free will, only understanding that its source of the psionic energy that had nurtured it was in trouble. The saurok race became the physical pawns of the plane itself as it sought out more creatures to bring into the plane, adding to its power and energy, allowing it to grow. To the godmind-plane that came to be known as Saurok, there is an innate need for togetherness, a need to share thoughts and consciousness until two beings become essentially one mind. Believing such a merger of minds is the path to peace and understanding, many of the more extreme members of Saurok’s devotees see free will and individuality as a problem that they actively seek to resolve by bringing in more members of the higher consciousness.

Doctrine: The pinnacle of telepathy, worshippers of Saurok should seek to communicate with their thoughts alone. When possible, a worshipper of Saurok should utilize telepathic communication over any other mode. Due to the variety of followers Saurok maintains, there is a juxtaposition of those who feel that the thoughts of others should never be intruded upon, and those who feel that such thoughts should be theirs to know if they are capable of learning them.

Either philosophy is fine to Saurok, as both promote telepathy: Both the respect of the power it gives and the responsibility therein, and its active use. Absolute devotees to Saurok tend to find they are drawn to the plane that the saurok race had created and, over time, may join with the consciousness of the godmind, becoming extensions of the godmind itself.

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