Renewal [Psionic, Racial]

Elans with a modicum of psionic talent may learn to revitalize their bodies even while conscious.

Prerequisites: Elan, Constitution 13+, Concentration 4 ranks

Benefit: Once per day, while you maintain your psionic focus, you may spend 2 power points to enter a psionic trance similar to your nightly trances (although you remain conscious) by spending 1 minute in concentration in a calm environment. While in such a trance, you may take no actions, your body floats a short distance off the ground, light pours from your eyes and mouth (providing shadowy illumination out to 30 ft.), and an unnatural base hum resonates around you. Once a trance starts, you remain in such a state for 10 minutes; nothing short of falling unconscious or dying can end it prematurely. Every minute you remain in this trance, you recover a number of hit points equal to your Constitution bonus (minimum 1). At the end of the trance, any fatigue or exhaustion you suffered is removed, and you recover one power point per character level.

However, entering a renewal trance is draining mentally. After using this feat, you must trance for 8 hours the following night to gain the normal benefits of a night's sleep.

Normal: Elans trance for 4 hours every night and cannot enter this state so quickly.

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