Reflexes Of The Cat [Mantra, Psionic]

The speed with which you react is faster than the eye can see.

Prerequisites: Wis 15, Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: To activate Reflexes of the Cat, you must meditate to gain psionic focus. Focusing in this fashion requires a concentration check 5 higher than normal. Once activated, this mantra lasts for 1 minute as long as you maintain psionic focus. While active, you gain your Wisdom modifier to your maximum number of attacks of opportunity per round, in addition to any gained from Combat Reflexes. As a swift action, you may expend your psionic focus during this mantra to gain a +4 bonus to an attack of opportunity.

Normal: Characters without Combat Reflexes may only make a single attack of opportunity per round. Characters without this feat but with Combat Reflexes may make up to their Dexterity modifier in attacks of opportunity per round.

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