Psychic Substitution [Metapsionic]

You can deal mental damage instead of physical damage with your energy powers.

Prerequisites: Any other metapsionic feat, ability to manifest an energy power, Concentration 9 ranks

Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. Whenever you manifest an energy power that lets you choose the type of energy damage it deals, you may choose to deal psychic energy instead. Psychic energy is not subject to energy resistance or immunity and can discriminate between friend and foe. Any number of creatures you select within the power's area are unaffected by the power. The power gains the mind-affecting descriptor, and the saving throw (if any) is a Will save instead of a Reflex save. On a successful saving throw, the power's effect is negated (even if it would normally have only reduced the effect by half). Using this feat does not increase the power's power point cost.

Special: Psychic energy is similar to the mind thrust power, and thus is subject to effects such as the Mental Resistance feat. An energy power modified by this feat has no energy-related subtype, and thus cannot benefit from any of the energist's energy mastery abilities.

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