Psion Devotion Powers
  • An A following a power's name indicates the power can be augmented.
  • An X indicates that the power carries an experience point cost.


  1. Assume Natural AttackA: Gain a natural attack.
    Mending TouchA: Trigger the target’s natural healing ability.
    Thicken SkinA: Gain +1 enhancement bonus to your AC for 10 min./level.
  2. Animal AffinityA: Gain +4 enhancement to one ability.
    Chameleon: Gain +10 enhancement bonus on Hide checks.
    Empathic TransferA: Transfer another’s wounds to yourself.
    Malleable Form: Make your form more fluid in nature.
  3. Assume FormA: Transform your body into an imprinted form.
    Ectoplasmic Form: You gain benefits of being insubstantial and can fly slowly.
    Hustle: Instantly gain a move action.
    Physical AccelerationA: You move faster, gain +1 on attacks, AC, and Reflex saves.
  4. Bestow FormA: Grant an assume form effect to a willing recipient.
    Inanimate Transformation: You assume the form of an object.
    Metamorphosis: Assume shape of creature or object.
    MorphicA: Alter the duration of the next shapechanging power you manifest.
    Psychic Vampire: Touch attack drains 2 power points/level from foe.
  5. Assume AbilityA: Gain the extraordinary attack.
    Impose FormA: Force an opponent into a harmless animal form.
    Psionic RevivifyA,X: Return the dead to life before the psyche leaves the corpse.
    Psychofeedback: Boost Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution at the expense of one or more other scores.
    Restore Extremity: Return a lost digit, limb, or other appendage to subject.
  6. Restoration, Psionic: Restores level and ability score drains.
  7. Fission: You briefly duplicate yourself.
  8. FusionX: You combine your abilities and form with another.
  9. Fluidic Form: Transform yourself quicker and more efficiently than before.
    Fusion, Hostile: Force another creature to fuse with you.
    Metamorphosis, GreaterX: Assume shape of any nonunique creature or object each round.
    Regenerative Aura: Heal all creatures within range for 25 hit points per round (max 250 hit points).


  1. Control Object: Telekinetically animate a small object.
  2. Control AirA: You have control over wind speed and direction.
    Energy MissileA: Deal 3d6 energy damage to up to five subjects.
  3. EarthshakerA:** Damage and knock targets prone; deal force damage to burrowers.
    Energy ConeA: Deal 5d6 energy damage in 60-ft. cone.
    Localized WindstormA:** Increase or decrease winds in a small, controllable area.
    Skeletal EruptionA:** Induce a lethal vibration in target’s skeleton.
  4. Control BodyA: Take rudimentary control of your foe’s limbs.
    Energy BallA: Deal 7d6 energy damage in 20-ft. radius.
    Inertial Barrier: Gain DR 5/-.
    Sapping Energy: Suck the energy out of your enemy’s muscles.
  5. Energy CurrentA: Deal 9d6 damage to one foe and half to another foe as long as you concentrate.
    Fiery DiscorporationA: Cheat death by discorporating into nearby fire for one day.
    KinesisA: You gain special abilities with your psychokinetic powers.
    Kinetic AuraA:** Store damage dealt to you and release it later.
  6. Dispelling Buffer: Subject is buffered from one dispel psionics effect.
    Null Psionics Field: Create a field where psionic power does not function.
  7. Deflecting GlobeA: Cloak yourself in force, protecting you from all attacks.
    Earthquake, psionic: Use telekinetic force to shake the ground and knock enemies off their feet.
    Reddopsi: Powers targeting you rebound on manifester.
  8. Energy Form: Wreath your form in energy.
    Telekinetic Sphere, Psionic: Mobile force globe encapsulates creature and moves it.
  9. Tornado BlastA: Vortex of air subjects your foes to 17d6 damage and moves them.


  1. Burst: Gain +10 ft. to speed this round.
    Detect TeleportationA: Know when teleportation powers are used in close range.
    Trick ShotA: Small moving object performs one stunt.
  2. Dimension SwapA: You and ally or two allies switch positions.
    Dimensional StorageA: Transport one unattended object to a pocket plane.
    Gravitational Well: Attacks made on a target are more likely to hit, as the strikes are pulled to it.
    Levitate, Psionic: Subject moves up and down at your direction.
  3. Astral CaravanA: You lead astral traveler-enabled group to a planar destination.
    Baleful Compression: Harmfully shrink a creature, causing its body trauma.
    Blink, psionic: Gain miss chance for concealment.
    Temporal DissociationA: Each round counts as two for effects on the target.
  4. Dimensional Anchor, Psionic: Bars extra dimensional movement.
    Dismissal, Psionic: Forces a creature to return to its native plane.
    Fly, Psionic: You fly at a speed of 60 ft.
    Rending RiftA:** Displace attacks towards you, gaining a miss chance and damaging weapons.
  5. Baleful TeleportA: Destructive teleport deals 9d6 damage.
    Teleport, Psionic: Instantly transports you as far as 100 miles/level.
    Teleport Trigger: Predetermined event triggers teleport.
  6. Banishment, PsionicA: Banishes extraplanar creatures.
    Cathartic ApportationA: Teleport a subject, but leave harmful aspects behind.
  7. Dream Travel A: Travel to other places through dreams.
    Dueling GroundA:** Draw yourself and your enemy into a psychoplanar arena.
    Ethereal Jaunt, Psionic: Become ethereal for 1 round/level.
  8. Time Hop, MassA: Willing subjects hop forward in time.
  9. Dimensional OublietteA,X: Target is trapped in imaginary space.
    Teleportation Circle, Psionic: Circle teleports any creatures inside to designated spot.
    Time RegressionX: Relive the last round.


  1. Destiny Dissonance: Your dissonant touch sickens a foe.
    HeadcountA: Instantly learn number of touched creatures and determine their locations.
    Precognition: Gain +2 insight bonus to one roll.
    Psychic TrackingA: Follow a creature’s mental echoes.
  2. Clairvoyant Sense: See and hear a distant location.
    Object ReadingA: Learn details about an object’s previous owner.
    Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions: You can find out about an area’s past.
  3. Escape Detection: You become difficult to detect with clairsentience powers.
    Fate LinkA: You link the fates of two targets.
    Idle Vigilance: Detect when psionic abilities are used nearby.
  4. Anchored NavigationA: Establish a mishap-free teleport beacon.
    ForesightA: You gain special abilities with your insight-based powers.
    Remote ViewingX: See, hear, and potentially interact with subjects at a distance.
  5. Clairtangent HandA: Emulate far hand at a distance.
    Second Chance: Gain a reroll.
  6. Precognition, Greater: Gain +4 insight bonus to one roll.
  7. Fate of One: Reroll any roll you just failed.
  8. Hypercognition: You can deduce almost anything.
  9. MetafacultyX: You learn details about any one creature.


  1. Astral ConstructA: Creates astral construct to fight for you.
    Ectoplasmic Servant: Summon a construct to aid you in mundane duties.
    Minor Creation, Psionic: Creates one cloth or wood object.
  2. FocalA: You gain special abilities with your metacreativity powers.
    Psionic Repair DamageA: Repairs construct of 3d8 hit points +1 hp/level.
  3. AcidosisA: Inject acid into the target’s bloodstream.
    Concealing Amorpha, Greater: Quasi-real membrane grants you total concealment.
    Ectoplasmic CocoonA: You encapsulate a foe so it can’t move.
    EctoskeletonA: Your astral construct becomes a suit of battle armor.
  4. Fabricate, Psionic: Transforms raw goods to finished items.
    Quintessence: You collapse a bit of time into a physical substance.
    Rapid DelugeA: Create a flood of water that knocks creatures prone and hinders movement.
  5. Hail of CrystalsA: A crystal explodes in an area, dealing 9d4 slashing damage.
  6. Crystallize: Turn subject permanently to crystal.
    Fabricate, Greater Psionic: Transforms a lot of raw goods to finished items.
  7. Ectoplasmic Cocoon, MassA: You encapsulate all foes in a 20-ft. radius.
  8. Astral Seed: You plant the seed of your rebirth from the Astral Plane.
  9. Astral JuggernautA,X: Create an astral juggernaut to fight for you.
    GenesisX: You instigate a new demiplane on the Astral Plane.
    True CreationX: As psionic major creation, except items are completely real.


  1. Charm, PsionicA: Makes one person your friend.
    MindlinkA: You forge a limited mental bond with another creature.
    Suppress CompulsionA: You attempt to free a target temporarily from another’s control using conflicting signals.
  2. AversionA: Subject has aversion you specify; augment for “edict” effect.
    Brain LockA: Subject cannot move or take any mental actions.
    CommuneA: Communicate with animals and other lower-intelligence creatures.
    Read Thoughts: Detect surface thoughts of creatures in range.
    Suggestion, PsionicA: Compels subject to follow stated course of action.
  3. BattlesenseA: Mental heads-up display allows for improved teamwork.
    Crisis of BreathA: Disrupt subject’s breathing.
    Empathic AdaptationA: You resist empathic damage.
    Empathic Transfer, HostileA: Your touch transfers your hurt to another.
    False Sensory InputA: Subject sees what isn’t there.
    Induce PhobiaA: Cause the subject to become deathly afraid of a specified condition.
  4. AlienationA: Subject loses ability to communicate with or understand others.
    Dominate, PsionicA: Control target telepathically.
    Dominion: Affect those normally immune to mind-affecting powers.
    Localized DistractionA: Cause an enemy to constantly look over his shoulder.
    Mindlink, ThievingA: Borrow knowledge of a subject’s power.
    Mnemonic FugueA: Subject cannot form short-term memories.
    Modify Memory, Psionic: Changes 5 minutes of subject’s memories.
    Schism: Your partitioned mind can manifest lower level powers.
  5. Induce CascadeA: Trigger a psionic cascade in the subject.
    MetaconcertA: Mental concert of two or more increases the total power of the participants.
    Mind Probe: You discover the subject’s secret thoughts.
  6. Mind SwitchA,X: You switch minds with another.
    Programmed DominationA: As psionic dominate, but latent until triggered.
  7. Crisis of LifeA: Stop subject’s heart.
  8. Mind SeedX: Subject slowly becomes you.
  9. Mind Switch, TrueX: A permanent brain swap.
    Psychic ChirurgeryX: You repair psychic damage or impart knowledge of new powers.
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