Psicrystal Binder

This metallic needle comes with a harness and is attached to the underside of a psicrystal, where it resides in a sheath. The psicrystal may, as a standard action, extend the needle into the form of a construct, either crafted or summoned, that its master controls. Once this is done, the psicrystal binds with the construct and is enveloped inside the construct’s form. Once bound, the psicrystal takes full control over the construct, including directing its attacks and movement. The owner of the construct can no longer direct the construct as he or she could before, though the psicrystal’s master can order the psicrystal to do so. Exactly how it complies, however, is subject to the psicrystal’s personality.

The construct maintains its normal physical attributes, including its base attack bonus, but gains the psicrystal’s mental attributes. The psicrystal may use both the construct’s senses and its own Sighted ability when bound. If the construct used is being maintained by a psionic effect (such as astral construct), while the construct and psicrystal are bound, the construct’s duration increases to 1 hour / level (measured from its initial appearance), but once the crystal is removed, it immediately dissipates. If the construct is destroyed while the psicrystal is melded to it, the needle is also destroyed and the psicrystal is released into the same square the construct had occupied.

The psicrystal’s master loses access to the following psicrystal granted abilities when the psicrystal is bound to a construct: alertness, deliver touch powers, and channel power. The psicrystal itself loses access to the improved evasion, flight, and self-propulsion abilities while melded in this manner.

Each needle is crafted with the ability to command a construct up to a certain physical size, with more expensive needles allowing command of larger constructs.

Strong metacreativity; ML 15th, Craft Universal Item, Psicrystal Affinity; Price 24,000 gp (small), 36,000 gp (medium), 48,000 gp (large), 72,000 gp (huge); Weight –

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