Psicrystal Affinity [Psionic]

This feat originally appeared in the Expanded Psionics Handbook. It is expanded in Untapped Potential.

You have created a psicrystal.

Prerequisites: Manifester level 1st.

Benefit: You to gain a psicrystal.

Special: If your psicrystal is destroyed, you may create a replacement (or restore the pieces of the old one, there is no mechanical difference) after 24 hours have passed by spending 100 XP. The new psicrystal has the same personality type as the lost one originally did (although it may look different), and any feats or features that modify your psicrystal affect the new one normally.

Unlocks: Additional Psicrystal (1/2), Awakened Psicrystal, Improved Psicrystal, Psicrystal containment

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