Prestige Classes

Prestige classes offer a new form of multiclassing. Unlike the basic classes, characters must meet Requirements before they can take their first level of a prestige class. The rules for level advancement apply to this system, meaning the first step of advancement is always choosing a class. If a character does not meet the Requirements for a prestige class before that first step, that character cannot take the first level of that prestige class. Taking a prestige class does not incur the experience point penalties normally associated with multiclassing. There are special circumstances and rules for Soulknives and Prestige Classes in terms of class ability progression.

If a character should, through either voluntary or involuntary choices, no longer meet the requirements of a prestige class, he loses all special abilities granted by levels in the prestige classes. Class features such as Hit
Dice, base attack bonus, and base save bonus are not included in this loss.

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