Poisoned Blade [Psionic]

You are able to absorb poison into your body and deliver it with your mind blade.

Prerequisites: Mind Blade class feature, Autohypnosis 6 ranks, Constitution 13+

Benefit:As a move action, you may absorb one dose of poison in your possession into your body. No mortal magic can detect the presence of this poison unless you wish it.

Any time you hit an enemy with your mind blade, you can choose to deliver an absorbed dose of poison as if you ha struck them with the poison applied to the blade. This may be used with the Throw Mind Blade ability, but in that case you must decide to deliver the poison before you throw your mind blade. When performing a bladewind, you may also deliver poison, and the poison from a single dose is applied to each blade fragment.

YOu may only have one dose of poison absorbed per point of Constitution bonus (minimum 1) at any one time, and delivering a poisoned strike uses up the absorbed poison as normal. If your Constitution modifier decreases ( for instance, due to ability damage), an appropriate amount of stored poison becomes unavailable until your modifier returns to its higher value.

Special: If you have the Shuriken Mind Blade feat, you may absorb an additional twenty does of poison, although these can only be used when throwing shuriken mind blades. Shuriken mind blades can use your regular poison reserve as well as this unique reserve if necessary.

You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you do, you may store a number of additional doses of poison at any one time equal to your Constitution modifier.

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