Places Of Contemplation

To understand their power, many practitioners of psionics spend long hours in self-examination, learning their own limits and how to transcend them. When groups of psionic entities gather in such pursuit for long amounts of time, the psionic energy they expend in this pursuit can sometimes seep into their surroundings. Other groups actively impart this power into a selected location, to enhance their own meditation. Still other locations are formed naturally, perhaps from a exceptionally rich vein of deep crystal or from the death of one with mighty psionic potential. Some sites are imbued with so much power they may become sentient, reflecting the beliefs of those who initially created the site.

This empowerment, intentional or not, grants those of psionic power special abilities unique to the site. Some locations make it easier for those who come for meditation to more easily find clarity of mind, while other locations may grant wells of psionic power that can be tapped into like a cognizance crystal.

When devising a site of psionic power, the following questions should be asked:

  • Is the location natural or the result of psionic creatures?
  • What does the location do?
  • How can the location be found?
  • How does the location appear to observers, both psionic and non-psionic, from without and within?
  • Is the location protected or free to all?
  • Do any other creatures reside in this location?

Once these questions can be answered, the more specific details of the location can be determined.

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