Originally a small group of kineticists and telepaths, the phantasms use their psionic power as a means of deception, making effects similar to illusions. The group venerates Saurok and Cynfire equally, as the two godminds’ disciplines mesh well to create some of the most realistic illusions.

Base of Operations: The Phantasms have no true centralized headquarters, instead operating out of individual libraries, studies, or homes as necessary to learn more of illusions and their craft.

Alignment: CN

Size: Seventeen direct members, with another thirty agents

Members: Nearly all kineticists or telepaths, there are a select few agents that practice the arcane arts within the Phantasms. Only those who are able to display the necessary skill with illusionary effects are granted membership or used as agents.

Symbol: A heavy-lidded single eye

**Motto: “Meet me where imagination ends and reality begins.”

Description: A capricious group, the Phantasms has no true cause or belief, aside from the pleasure they find in creating the most realistic illusionary constructs. Because of this, they can sometimes be difficult for others to understand. Originally founded due to illusionists being persecuted as criminals, the Phantasms have maintained their connections to improve their skills, although their need for protection is no longer necessary.

Joining: To become a member of the Phantasms requires fairly unique talent amongst the psionic powers. New members must be able to both manipulate the thoughts and the senses of others by manipulating matter and light and also by modifying, implanting, or sometimes removing the target’s thoughts.

Duties: Sharing of new techniques and powers is expected of all members of the Phantasms. Purposely withholding new illusionary effects from other members can cause the group to expel an individual.

Benefits: Members of the Phantasms are able to utilize the specialized powers created by the organization, thereby gaining access to unique illusions not normally accessible. The secrets of these new powers are closely guarded by the organization’s members and any acts to try to unlock these secrets are dealt with harshly.

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