Moderate godmind
Worshippers: shapers
Nodes: Creation, Psionic
Alignment: LN
State of Consciousness: Dormant, entity
Favored Weapon: Crystal shard

Residing in a fortress composed entirely of crystal and ectoplasm, Phanos is an entity of firm rules and organization. Believing that only through control and structure are the greatest of endeavors possible, Phanos is not wont to suffer those who break or bend rules at their whim. Born to a family of knights, sentries, and judges, Phanos was instilled with immense respect for the rigidity of laws, both the laws of men and the laws of nature and psionics. From a young age, Phanos was able to manipulate matter around him and summon it forth at will, creating small constructs of ectoplasm to perform his chores. As he learned the rules and laws of psionic power and the world around him, Phanos became more adept at manipulating and creating matter, making some of the most fearsome astral constructs ever seen, including constructs that he rode inside into battle when the time arose.

Phanos then took his constructs and his knowledge of their creation and journeyed to the astral plane, using the ectoplasm there to literally carve out his own demiplane, forming a fortress to house him and his creations. It is assumed that this is where Phanos resided when he rose to the status of godmind, although since he has grown that status, his physical form has not been seen. The demiplane of his creation continues to grow, pulling in ectoplasm from the Astral plane, using the material to create structures, creatures, and even life. It is believed that Phanos’ physical form merged with the ectoplasm in his demiplane, making the plane Phanos. Known now as the demiplane of ectoplasm, it is a little-known plane where the laws of creation are rigid and unbending. As godmind of metacreativity, Phanos tends to impart ideas of originality on his worshippers. Creating something from nothing is a central tenet to the philosophy that Phanos represents as a godmind.

Doctrine: Followers of Phanos are expected to adhere to rules and laws. The letter of a law is more important than the spirit in Phanos’s view. Worshippers who frivolously break or bend laws lose access to any special abilities granted from Phanos, such as access to nodes or spells.

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