Personality Purge [Psionic]

Seeking to purify your mind and hone your thoughts, you have wrenched an unwanted aspect of your mind from your consciousness and transferred it, int its entirety, to your psicrystal.

Prerequisites: Concentration 8 ranks, Psicrystal Affinity, Improved Psicrystal

Benefit: Your psicrystal gains an additional personality type from the list below, altering its behavior accordingly;y (and thus possibly turning it into an antagonist, although it still willingly and totally serves you).

As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you may touch your psicrystal and reclaim the lost aspect of your mind. Doing so grants you a powerful contact benefit (as this negative aspect of your mind is amplified by the crystal), but comes with a serious drawback unique to each personality. Severing contact with the psicrystal is a full-round action that provokes attacks f opportunity and requires a DC 20 Concentration check (retry allowed), as the psicrystal resists the loss of control. This check becomes more difficult if you have acted out of line with your adjusted philosophy; see the individual descriptions for details.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times. If you do, you may activate any number of contact benefits when you touch your psicrystal. Each separate antagonistic personality must be severed individually; the DC for the Concentration check increases by 2 for each additional personality you have in contact.

Additional personality fragments beyond these may be purged at your GM's discretion, requiring this feat to be taken an extra time for each one.


By transferring your desire to end lives to your psicrystal, you liberate your thoughts to more philosophical matters. Your crystal, however, develops a pathological murderous streak, and is likely to carry a knife and cut the bodies of hte fallen while urging you to kill some more.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to your Armor Class. Removing your aggressive traits allows you to fight more defensively.

Contact: You thirst for battle, overcome by your formerly severed aggression. This allows you to continue fighting without penalty while at or below 0 hit points, and even to survive below -10 hit points. Add your key manifesting ability score to 10 to determine how far below 0 hit points you can reach before dying. For example, a psionic with an Intelligence score of 16 would die at -26 hit points instead of -10.

However, your blood lust corrupts your mind, distorting the distinction between friend and foe. At the start of your turn, unless you make a Will save (DC 15), you are convinced that your allies are enemies, and you must act according to this perception. The save DC decreases by 5 when not in a combat situation.

Sever: The DC to sever your aggressive psicrystal's thoughts from yours increases by 5 if you have delivered the killing blow to any creature in the last hour. If you sever your aggression while at negative hit points, you are treated normally - including dying if you are at or below -10 hit points.


The bane of many manifesters is insanity, so by wrenching your own instability into your psicrystal, your psyche becomes as stable as a rock. The same cannot be said of yout psicrystal, which is prone ot spouting gibberish, seeing things which aren't there, and suggesting courses of action that would seem comical if the crystal wasn't being serious.

Benefit: You ain a +4 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.

Contact: You become nearly impossible to compel, existing within your own bubble of perception. If under the influence of any mind-affecting effect that allows a saving throw, there is a 50% chance every round that you gain an additional saving throw against that effect (which includes the +4 bonus from above).

The fusion of your mind with the psicrystal's unstable thoughts can be extremely confusing - so confusing, in fact, that you are confused while in contact with the crystal. This is less severe than the effects of the //id insinuation power - if your roll would indicate you close with or flee form the manifester, you instead act normally.

Sever: The DC to sever your unstable psicrystal's thoughts from yours increases by 5 if you have attacked any creature that you would not normally consider an enemy in the past hour.


The inability to relate to others is disruptive to normal psychological development — in fact, it is the direct anathema to the society mind's manifesting prowess. Removing the desire to undermine the works of others and your own antisocial personalities clears your thoughts for more solid interaction, but your psicrystal magnifies them to a tremendous extent. The first thoughts that enter its mind when seeing something new are usually five different ways to ruin it.

Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to Gather Information and Diplomacy checks. Gather Information checks take half as long and cost half as much as normal.

Contact: You become incredibly disruptive to those around you. While in contact with your antisocial psicrystal, creatures you threaten cannot use abilities on the defensive. Attempts to do so fail, although they may still perform the action they were attempting to use defensively without penalty other than the attack of opportunity. Any creature you threaten that provokes an attack of opportunity gains a -4 penalty to its Armor Class for that attack of opportunity. If you possess a active worldthought network and are actively threatening another creature, this benefit extends to any ally contained within the network.

While under the influence of your antisocial psicrystal, you develop a deficiency of language. You are treated as if under the effects of an //alienation// power while in contact with your psicrystal.

Sever: The DC to sever your antisocial psicrystal's thoughts from yours increases by 5 if you have not engaged in social conversation in the past hour. The GM is encouraged to be lenient when determining this.


Being able to focus on a single thing to the exclusion of all others is something many strive toward. By removing the mind's natural tendency to turn its attention to another focal point, you are able to focus on the task at hand to the exclusion of everything else. Sadly, your psicrystal is wont to turn its attention to anything shiny, much to your chagrin.

Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to Concentration checks. This ability stacks with the Single-Minded psicrystal personality.

Contact: You are able to focus on a wide variety of things at once, which allows you to make ranged attacks of opportunity within 30 ft. , so long as you have line of sight and a way to make the attack. If you possess the Opportunity Power feat, you may use that feat with rays as well as touch powers.

However, taking in so many stimuli costs you your reaction time, imposing a -6 penalty to Initiative checks. Gaining psionic focus while in contact takes one round instead of one full round action. If you have the Psionic Meditation feat, gaining psionic focus takes a full round action instead of a move action.

Sever: The DC to sever your distracted psicrystal increases by 5 if you have targeted more than one creature in the same round during the past hour. Area of effect effects do not count as targeting multiple creatures for this increase; only those effects that target specific creatures, such as mindlink or energy missile, count, as does taking attacks of opportunity or multiple attacks from a full attack against more than one foe.

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