Overwhelm Buffer [Psionic]

You are trained in psionic attacks against nonpsionic minds.

Prerequisite: Mental Adversary

Benefit: You can choose to treat one nonpsionic target as if psionic for purposes of generating a mindscape. The nonpsionic target does not fully enter the mindscape; instead it appears only as a half-formed avatar. The target’s conscious mind is not aware of this pseudo-avatar or the mindscape.
However, you can make an opposed psionic combat mode check against the pseudo-avatar normally. Your mode check roll is opposed by the pseudo-avatar’s Will saving throw. If the pseudo-avatar wins the mode check, there is no effect. If you win, apply the effect of the mode normally against the nonpsionic foe.

Normal: Mindscape psionic combat cannot be used against nonpsionic minds.

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