Order Of Still Water

Expanding the mind is more important to the followers at the Temple of Still Water than any glory in battle or monetary reward. The members of this organization believe that through meticulous study, that inner peace and understanding can be found. At the core of the Order of Still Water is actually veneration for an oft-overlooked entity of immense power: Zean, the godmind of enlightenment. The order rigorously follows the teachings of Zean to expand their own understanding of the universe.

Base of Operations: The Order of Still Water is based out of the Temple of Still Water, a site imbued with strong psionic energy. The majority of its members stay in or near the temple, finding safety within its walls from the difficulties and hardships of the rest of the world.

Alignment: NG

Size: Once numbering in the hundreds, the Order of Still Water now has direct members of several dozen and scores of possible candidates and agents.

Members: Among the Order of Still Water can typically be found a large number of psions, although there are also enlightened monks, psychic warriors, soulknives, and some clerics and paladins of Zean.

Symbol: A serene reflecting pool

Motto: “Knowledge is the greatest gift one could give another.”

Description: The Order of Still Water has existed quietly in their temple for centuries, seeking only greater understanding and enlightenment. In times of great need or when the greater good is in jeopardy, the members of the Order of Still Water are willing to take up arms and do what is necessary for the greater good. Founded several centuries ago by a small band of psions, the small group built a humble temple to serve as their abode and meditation site. Over the decades, more members joined their cause, swelling their ranks in the pursuit of enlightenment and understanding. As the group grew in size, they became the target of more malicious groups seeking to unlock the secrets the group held. Always trying to remain neutral in political or military conflicts unless the greater good was truly in danger, the Order of Still Water would often close the doors of their temple while such situations were underway. Once the dust settled, they would reopen their doors and continue their quiet study.

Joining: Joining the Temple of Still Water is not an easy process in recent times. Prospective members are typically approached by the Order, instead of petitioning membership. Possible candidates are generally very intelligent and intuitive practitioners of psionic might.

Duties: It is expected of all members of the Order of Still Water to work to increase the knowledge of those around them. This can be in the form of a missionary type of role or simply as a teacher for others in the order. Each individual is able to determine their own means of spreading knowledge, so long as it is something they spend at least one week per month doing.

Benefits: Members of the Order of Still Water have free access to the Temple of Still Water and the benefits the site grants to visitors. In addition, members are able to utilize the powers known of all members of the Order while in the Temple of Still Waters, aiding in item creation or effects such as psychic chirurgery. Finally, services are available to members at half their normal price, although any costly components or experience penalties are their full price.

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