Minor godmind
Worshippers: telepaths, elans, spies, rumormongers
Nodes: Extrasensory, Mind, Secret
Alignment: CN
State of Consciousness: Dormant, consciousness
Favored Weapon: See text

A skeleton in the closet is often painful for the one hiding the secret. Sometimes, this secret is actually a wrong committed against the person keeping the secret, who themselves have performed no wrong-doing, but are ashamed of the secret. Some individuals even go so far in hiding these secrets that they hide them even from themselves, forgetting they ever knew what it is they are trying to hide from the rest of the world.

Although the exact nature of the secret is unknown, at some point, a secret was kept so traumatizing to the individuals involved that their minds shattered under the pressure of keeping the secret to themselves. The destruction of these minds gave power to this secret, granting it a limited sentience; it had enough self-awareness to understand that it wasn’t meant to be known. To protect its past from being discovered, the being that took the name Nereth led those who adhere to its doctrine to believe that it was once a female elan telepath who used her mental powers to pry secrets from others and use them for personal gain. Believed to be one of the fastest of the mortals to ascend to godmind status, Nereth simply seeks to maintain the secrecy that is itself. The nature of Nereth makes it seek to hide every secret that it discovers, at least in the mental capacity it understands. Nereth is grudging with granting knowledge, although very quick to grant those who maintain similar mindsets the ability to protect their own secrets, sensing a kinship with those mortals.

A small, but growing, sect of Nereth’s devotees have sought to understand how Nereth came to power so quickly, thereby better understanding their godmind. This small group is at odds with the mainstream devotees of Nereth and the two have had altercations when they meet, although both believe they are working to further the cause of secrets and, therefore, Nereth. When combat is forced upon Nereth, it will seek subterfuge instead of physical combat, trying to lock away the portions of the enemy’s mind that identify why the combat was even initiated. Nereth has no preferred weapon in the very rare situation where physical combat is unavoidable and is likey to use any weapon equally, although it is virtually unheard of for Nereth to take a physical form.

Doctrine: Never one to willingly give information, Nereth expects no less of those who would work in her name. Followers of Nereth are expected to never reveal personal information unless it is of vital importance. All knowledge held by a follower of Nereth is expected to be kept on a need to know basis with everyone else, including other followers. Freely divulging information for reasons that are not critical or life-threatening is likely to gain Nereth’s disfavor, cutting off access to any psionic nodes or other abilities granted through following the path of Nereth.

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