Natural Revulsion [General]

You have developed a dislike for particular types of creatures in your quest for understanding natural forms.

Prerequisites: Formbinder, Manifester level 5, ability to manifest assume form

Benefit: Choose one type among aberration, construct, outsider, phrenic, and undead. You gain a +1 profane or sacred bonus (see below) to attack and receive a +1d6 profane or sacred bonus (see below) to damage when fighting against a creature of the chosen type while you are under the effect of the assume form power.

Special: You may select this feat up to five times. Each time you must choose a different category. Should a creature belong to several of the categories for which you have natural revulsion feats, the benefits stack with each other (+2/+2d6 for two categories, +3/3d6 for three categories, etc), but they do not stack with other sacred/profane bonuses. This special stacking is an exception to the normal stacking rules for profane/sacred bonuses. The granted bonus is automatically a sacred bonus for good aligned characters, profane bonus for evil characters, and could be either (but not both) for neutral characters. A neutral character choosing more than one natural revulsion feat receives the same sacred or profane type for each feat.

Additionally, you cannot have an imprinted form of the chosen type after taking this feat. Furthermore, if you select Construct you cannot benefit from a psicrystal (or alternate psicrystal) and are prohibited from manifesting either the astral construct power or the astral juggernaut power if either power is on your class list.

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