Astrology [Light]
Difficulty Class: 7
Channeling Time: 1 standard action
Range: 30 ft.
Area: 10-ft. spread
Duration: Aura
Saving Throw: None

You remember the moon, and raise your hand as if you were pointing at the moon. Then, the area becomes illuminated by a silver glow, reminiscent of the moon.

The area radiates bright illumination, and radiates dim illumination for an additional distance that is equal to the radius of the actual area.

Enhance: For every 2 points by which you increase the DC, the area’s radius increases by 5 feet.

If you increase the DC by 4, the light is treated as if it were actual moonlight, and affects lycanthropes as if they were under a full moon. Other creatures that are affected by the moon are also affected as if they were under the moon.

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