Mind Switch True

Telepathy [Mind-Affecting, Network]
Level: Telepath 9
Manifesting Time: 1 minute
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates; see text
Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 17, XP

As true mind switch (from Chapter Five: Powers in the Expanded Psionics Handbook), except as noted here.

This is not a new power – it merely adds functionality to true mind switch as it appears in the Expanded Psionics
. If you know that power, you know the following augmentation.

Augment: You may augment this power in one or both of the following ways.

1. For every 2 additional power points you spend, this power’s save DC increases by 1.

2. If you spend 4 additional power points, you instead consider your new body your “natural” body after the
switch. This severs the tie between you and your old body completely – either can die without causing level loss in the
other. Seidmadr have come to call this augment “Never Look Back.”

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