Mind Orbs

Some cerebral incarnates come together in groups that are called mind orbs. These groups attempt to form a collective subconscious that consists of merely the members of the mind orb that effectively allows them to manifest powers from their col -lective mind, not unlike psionic characters linked together in a metaconcert.

To form a mind orb, at least two manifesters must meditate together for at least ten minutes. During this period, the manifesters may contemplate the thoughts of others in the mind orb, or meditate in other ways to link themselves in a collective subconscious. As the bond improves, wispy tendrils slither through the air to and from each manifester. At the end of this period, the manifesters become linked together in a mind orb, and an intricate network of tendrils links them as well.

Manifesters in a mind orb are linked together by their minds, and effectively become a single entity that exists as a pure being of the mind, only capable of manifesting powers. To manifest a power, a mind orb may roll a check against a DC of 10 + the power level + the number of power points of the power to be manifester. The mind orb gains a +1 bonus for every four manifester levels the manifesters in the mind orb have in total. If the check succeeds, the mind orb successfully manifests the power. For the purpose of determining manifester level, use the highest manifester level in the mind orb as the mind orb’s manifester level. The mind orb nor the manifesters in the mind orb expend any power points upon a successful check. If the check fails, the mind orb does not manifest the power, but one of the manifesters in the mind orb may choose to manifest it with its own power points instead. To stay in a mind orb, a manifester must not move from its current location, nor may it perform any strenuous actions except manifesting a power. If someone is knocked unconscious, that manifester immediately leaves the mind orb.

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