Mind Blade Gauntlets

Crafted by different versatile blades, these jewel-embedded gauntlets enhance the wielder’s mind blade.

Exotic mind blade:

This set of electrum-plated gauntlets allows the wielder to shape his mind blade into a specific exotic weapon. The wielder must still be proficient with the exotic weapon or suffer the standard penalties for non-proficiency.

Strong psychometabolism; ML 15th; Craft Universal Item, Exotic Mind Blade; Price 30,000 gp, weight –

Frosted blade:

Covered in what appear to be tiny cracks, this pair of blue gauntlets allows the wielder to treat his mind blade as if it had the frost enhancement. This bonus does not count toward the wielder’s normal enhancements on his mind blade.

Faint psychokinesis; ML 9th; Craft Universal Item, energy ray; Price 8,000 gp, weight 1 lb.

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