Mind Blade Feats

Mind Blade Feats:

The soulknife class offers the mind blade class feature, wherein the soulknife gains the ability to create a blade of force using only the power of his mind. This grants the soulknife a unique ability, but what if you wanted this feature with other classes? Presented below are a variety of new feats that do just that: allow any psionic character the ability to manifest and wield a mind blade. For every mind blade feat you take, your connection to your mind blade deepens and your mind blade grows stronger. Your mind blade gains a +1 enhancement bonus for every mind blade feat you take, to a maximum of one half your character level (rounded down). For example, if you were to take the Form Mind Blade and Executioner’s Blade feats at 1st level, you would qualify for a +1 enhancement bonus, but because you are only 1st level, you would not gain the enhancement bonus until 2nd level. The enhancement bonus of the mind blade cannot exceed +5. You may (and, indeed, must, after the enhancement bonus exceeds +5) apply a special ability from the table below instead of an enhancement bonus. You can choose any combination of weapon special abilities and enhancement bonus that does not exceed the total allowed by your character level and number of mind blade feats. Your mind blade must have a +1 enhancement bonus before you can apply any special abilities to it. These abilities only apply so long as you are psionically focused. Some feats presented here add additional special abilities to the list of options for a character. In this situation, the ability is added at its standard cost.

For example, Blade of Fury adds the vorpal special ability to the lists of options. Vorpal has a +5 base price modifier, so counts as +5 when determining the special abilities a mind blade can possess. You can reassign the ability or abilities you have added to your mind blade. To do so, you must first spend 8 hours in concentration; after that period, the mind blade materializes with the new ability or abilities selected. The enhancement bonus and any special abilities are treated as a supernatural ability. A fighter may take Form Mind Blade or any mind blade feat as one of his fighter bonus feats. A monk treats his mind blade as a monk special weapon.

List of Mind Blade Feats

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