Master Formbinder [General]

You are a master at creating your own imprints from creatures without their consent.

Prerequisites: Formbinder, either Bluff 15 ranks and Spellcraft 15 ranks or Heal 15 Ranks and Psicraft 15 Ranks.

Benefit: You may attempt to imprint a creature's form (see the Formbound descriptor) in 1 round instead of 1 minute, and you don't need to touch the creature in question. You must stay within 60 ft. of the creature, maintaining line of sight at all times, however, and if your concentration is disrupted, you must start again.

Additionally, you may imprint unwilling forms through supernatural charm and deception or create an artificial imprint through your expertise at anatomy. This process still takes 1 minute, despite the decreased time granted from this feat. Make a Bluff check or a Heal check (whichever you used to meet the requirements) at a DC of 15 + the creature's Hit Dice at the end of your formbinding attempt. If you are successful, you have stolen that creature's form and successfully imprinted it. Although no display appears while you attempt this (you may appear as innocuous as you like during the actual imprint), whether you succeed or fail in stealing the form, the creature knows that you've stolen or attempted to steal its form without its consent, and is treated as one NPC attitude worse towards you.

Finally, you may hold two additional imprints beyond what would normally be allowed with the Formbinder feat.

Special: You must abide by all other restrictions on imprinting forms when using this feat, including the limits on maximum imprints, Hit Die limits, and valid types.

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