Mantra Feats

As the psionic arts developed, different ways of meditating were discovered. Students of one master may learn completely different ways of centering their minds and bodies in a state of psionic focus than acolytes at a different school. Certain techniques of meditation, however, actively engage the psionic energy of becoming focused and apply it to the world around them. Students particularly adept at these "psionic mantras" may even manifest psionic effects when they focus themselves — effects reflected in Mantra feats.

Mantra feats are psionic feats that provide no bonus until you meditate to gain your psionic focus (which may require a more difficult concentration check than normal) at which point they engage a supernatural effect for a set duration. If you lose your psionic focus during a mantra's effect, the effect ends immediately. Every mantra has a secondary effect that requires you to expend your psionic focus to activate: using this effect always ends the mantra's passive benefit (even if you use the Psicrystal Containment feat). Characters may normally only benefit from a single mantra feat at a time. The Marksman's wind reader class feature is treated in all regards as a Mantra feat.


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