Luck Doesn't Stop Me [Psionic]

They may be lucky. They may be chosen by fate. They may insist they're that good. No matter - you're still going to beat them. And you won't break a sweat doing it.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +8, one or more of the following feats: Deep Impact, Fell Shot, Unavoidable Strike

Benefit: Luck Doesn't Stop Me applies to any attack made with a melee weapon if you have Deep Impact, a ranged weapon if you have Fell hot, and unarmed strikes and natural weapons if you have Unavoidable Strike.

During your turn, you may declare one opponent you can see. While you maintain your psionic focus, attacks you make with appropriate weapons ignore any luck and insight bonuses to this opponent's Armor Class.

Additionally, if your declared target is subject to a miss chance of any sort, roll twice: if either is successful, you have successfully bypassed the target's miss chance. You may declare a new opponent at the start of your next turn.

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