Lucid Dreaming [Psionic]

You do not lose yourself to dreams.

Benefit: When dreaming, you always retain clear knowledge of your own identity and the fact that you are dreaming. In game terms, this allows you to make use of all your psionic powers, power points, psionic items, and other equipment and abilities you possess at the moment you fell asleep, in whatever dream environment you find yourself inhabiting. However, creatures that are physically present in a dream can dismiss a dreamself from a dreamscape.

When you wake, you have depleted as many power points in the material world as those used in Dream; however, you find that you have not depleted any single-use items, item charges, ammunition, or other material possessions.

Special: If you physically enter a dream environment, you gain a +1 bonus on all your Will saving throws for the duration.

Normal: There is only a 1 percent chance that a dreamer realizes that she is dreaming or knows the extent of her abilities within a dream (even if informed). In most cases the dreamer loses her identity and sense of self to the unfolding dream environment.

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